Friday, 29 April 2011

Tina Turner has become so overwhelmed

Tina Turner has become so overwhelmed with the tragic loss of her sister and her former stepson Ike Jr.'s grave illness that she's started to drink heavily enough for friends to be concerned that she needs rehab!

Her biographer, Mark Bego, reveals: "Losing Alline and seeing Ike Jr. so sick has hit her like a one-two punch. Tina has been in misery ever since her sister's death. And now Ike Jr. has taken a turn for the worse. Her friends fear she is drinking heavily in private to get over the pain. Those closest to her are beginning to believe that going into rehab may be her only salvation."

Here's hoping that if, then, is actually the case, that his friends and fans that need her help before it's too late can!

She is there in this era, taking care that he wants to stay healthy needs!

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