Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tina Turner will reveal at the Bucca Hotel

Rebecca O'Connor from a very early age, the Irish singer was only seven when he started a life in love with Tina Turner will be.

Little did they know that passion for the world's first known act will lead Turner impersonator.

The concert which O'Connor just download tour actually at the end of last year was to have visited this hotel is part.

But in late December and early January Bundaberg in southeast Queensland and widespread flooding across their plans to pay.

She said, “I can't wait – I think it's going to be great”.

“I usually don't play in hotels, so it's going to be a great new experience.”

O'Connor as the show is a part of Turner smash all his films will be put in circulation.

Turner Music is so well know singer is not meant to reduce is to get lauded O'Connor.

She said, “She has a unique voice and people from all ages love her”.

“The amount of energy she had on stage was phenomenal.”

O'Connor has yet to meet her idol, but he came pretty close recently.

Turner has time to see O'Connor's performance and the concert tickets had his approval.

Turner said, “Rebecca is so good, she's scary”.

“If I had her energy, I would still be touring today.”

O'Connor said it was difficult statement was meant by these words.

She said, “I was just ecstatic – to have her say that about me”.

“It's been the highlight of my career.”

O'Connor said he later this year in Las Vegas when the trip is expected to meet Turner.

O'Connor will reveal at the Bucca Hotel from 1pm this Sunday.