Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tina Having Fun on Luxury Yacht In Croatia

Tina who has turned 72 now still "simply the best". In her recent public appearance on Wednesday aboard a luxury yacht in Dubrovnik, Croatia she showed no sign or slowing down.

“She came into Dubrovnik on a private plane from Lugano in Switzerland with her friends and then went on the luxury yacht Lady Marina,” Mario Juric from Dubrovnik TV tells me. “She was dancing, singing and giving some kind of presents while drinking champagne. I thought it was someone’s birthday on the yacht because I heard her singing 'Happy Birthday.' I asked her, 'Are they celebrating someone’s birthday?' And she said, 'No, just summertime' and started singing 'Summertime.'"

Dubrovnik is getting very popular among celebrities to get on there and spent time as this summer ; Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend were just spotted vacationing there on a yacht, along with Kelly Ripa and her husband.

“She said she likes Dubrovnik and was so happy,” Juric said. “The yacht Lady Marina is 64 meters long and even has a helicopter. I saw a crew bringing a lot of alcohol in boxes on that yacht, so I think she'll really enjoy her vacation.”

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New Releases by Tina Turner

To release their new album, Tina joined along with two other artists Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay to release a new album of prayers and mantras.

They have teamed up with 30 children consisting of different kind of  cultures and countries to record new versions of religious mantras and prayers.

Talking about the project, Turner said, “We want to take as many people as possible with us on this journey and create more tolerance and peace through our music.“

Pledge Music MD, Malcolm Dunbar, said, “Tina Turner is an iconic artist who has been a tireless campaigner for peace and religious tolerance for many years. Joining with Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, and the amazing voices of Children from around the world, is already a proven success and PledgeMusic are pleased to be able to provide a platform for this important album to reach a wider, international audience.”

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Is Tina Turner Alive ?

Twitter the social network which has become one of the most commonplaces, of course, but reporting celebrities dead? The latest Twitter foo-pah concerning singing legend Tina Turner, now 72, seems somehow all the more onerous.

The new's about the celebrity death was spread very quickly in the market.&Are people really free to “kill” even within a rumor, another human being? Are there no repercussions against those who push the joke too far? Is Twitter really not accountable for allowing the hoax to spread?

Deborah Feyerick, the CNN reporter confirmed that Tina Turner is doing well, indeed he confirmed that the legend Tina was spotted at an affair with fashion legend Giorgio Armani in Beijing

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tina Turner herself is not packing her bags to come to Bunbury

Tina Turner herself packing her bags is not the next best thing to come to Bunbury Rebecca O'Connor is an actor.

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The legendary diva herself said, “Rebecca is so good, she’s scary – if I had her energy, I would still be touring today.”

For O'Connor, a greater compliment than to admit to myself is for Tina Turner.

Sje said, “She has been my idol and inspiration for 30 years”.

“I obviously must be doing something right and the 20 years of studying her character moves and voice have definitely paid off.”

Her vocals and strong stage presence of large-scale exhibition of the year after a world tour, O'Connor tribute to his idol's honed the show.

If you close a full blown from Hey Day - Tina Turner concert experience to talk to, Saturday 10 September from 8pm to you in Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre is required.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tina Turner will reveal at the Bucca Hotel

Rebecca O'Connor from a very early age, the Irish singer was only seven when he started a life in love with Tina Turner will be.

Little did they know that passion for the world's first known act will lead Turner impersonator.

The concert which O'Connor just download tour actually at the end of last year was to have visited this hotel is part.

But in late December and early January Bundaberg in southeast Queensland and widespread flooding across their plans to pay.

She said, “I can't wait – I think it's going to be great”.

“I usually don't play in hotels, so it's going to be a great new experience.”

O'Connor as the show is a part of Turner smash all his films will be put in circulation.

Turner Music is so well know singer is not meant to reduce is to get lauded O'Connor.

She said, “She has a unique voice and people from all ages love her”.

“The amount of energy she had on stage was phenomenal.”

O'Connor has yet to meet her idol, but he came pretty close recently.

Turner has time to see O'Connor's performance and the concert tickets had his approval.

Turner said, “Rebecca is so good, she's scary”.

“If I had her energy, I would still be touring today.”

O'Connor said it was difficult statement was meant by these words.

She said, “I was just ecstatic – to have her say that about me”.

“It's been the highlight of my career.”

O'Connor said he later this year in Las Vegas when the trip is expected to meet Turner.

O'Connor will reveal at the Bucca Hotel from 1pm this Sunday.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Tina Turner has become so overwhelmed

Tina Turner has become so overwhelmed with the tragic loss of her sister and her former stepson Ike Jr.'s grave illness that she's started to drink heavily enough for friends to be concerned that she needs rehab!

Her biographer, Mark Bego, reveals: "Losing Alline and seeing Ike Jr. so sick has hit her like a one-two punch. Tina has been in misery ever since her sister's death. And now Ike Jr. has taken a turn for the worse. Her friends fear she is drinking heavily in private to get over the pain. Those closest to her are beginning to believe that going into rehab may be her only salvation."

Here's hoping that if, then, is actually the case, that his friends and fans that need her help before it's too late can!

She is there in this era, taking care that he wants to stay healthy needs!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tina Turner first half rose to fame as Ike & Tina Turner revue

Tina Turner one of the first half rose to fame as the Ike & Tina Turner revue.

The married couple before a show in 1976 had a violent row and 36 in his pocket just escaped with Senate.

A public divorce and cocaine addiction and follow the signs of physical abuse and Tina for several years absent from the music scene.

Turner went on to build a stellar solo career with songs like What’s Love Got To Do With It and Let’s Stay Together as well as film appearances in Tommy and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Her achievements earned her "Queen of Rock and Roll" is the title.