Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tina Having Fun on Luxury Yacht In Croatia

Tina who has turned 72 now still "simply the best". In her recent public appearance on Wednesday aboard a luxury yacht in Dubrovnik, Croatia she showed no sign or slowing down.

“She came into Dubrovnik on a private plane from Lugano in Switzerland with her friends and then went on the luxury yacht Lady Marina,” Mario Juric from Dubrovnik TV tells me. “She was dancing, singing and giving some kind of presents while drinking champagne. I thought it was someone’s birthday on the yacht because I heard her singing 'Happy Birthday.' I asked her, 'Are they celebrating someone’s birthday?' And she said, 'No, just summertime' and started singing 'Summertime.'"

Dubrovnik is getting very popular among celebrities to get on there and spent time as this summer ; Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend were just spotted vacationing there on a yacht, along with Kelly Ripa and her husband.

“She said she likes Dubrovnik and was so happy,” Juric said. “The yacht Lady Marina is 64 meters long and even has a helicopter. I saw a crew bringing a lot of alcohol in boxes on that yacht, so I think she'll really enjoy her vacation.”