Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tina Turner herself is not packing her bags to come to Bunbury

Tina Turner herself packing her bags is not the next best thing to come to Bunbury Rebecca O'Connor is an actor.

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The legendary diva herself said, “Rebecca is so good, she’s scary – if I had her energy, I would still be touring today.”

For O'Connor, a greater compliment than to admit to myself is for Tina Turner.

Sje said, “She has been my idol and inspiration for 30 years”.

“I obviously must be doing something right and the 20 years of studying her character moves and voice have definitely paid off.”

Her vocals and strong stage presence of large-scale exhibition of the year after a world tour, O'Connor tribute to his idol's honed the show.

If you close a full blown from Hey Day - Tina Turner concert experience to talk to, Saturday 10 September from 8pm to you in Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre is required.