Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Rock and Roll queen Tina Turner celebrating 25th birthday in Europren

A news released on 26 November 2010, Rock and Roll queen Tina Turner in the history of music she gain one of the biggest number and she also winner Grammy Awards at eight time.

In Europe Turner celebrating 25th birthday on Lake Zurich in Switzerland; she also has a villa outside of Nice, France and says her life is pretty relaxed now.

Tina Turner has worked going on slowed but she look like most delight and energetic player in all music. She has been worked with producer Erwin Bach, from Germany, since the mid-eighties.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tina Turner Style Evolution

Comparing Tina Turner with Beyonce and Lady Gaga,Tina ruled the industry since last 40 years.Beyonce and Lady Gaga took the stage shimmying in barely there ensembles and extravagant wigs.

What's style got to do with it? No doubt a heck of a lot. And in honor of the Queen of Rock and Roll turning 71 on Friday (and her legs apparently turning 26), we take a look back at Turner's fashionable legacy.

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of feathers, sequins, legs and more hairstyles than there are days in a year.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Tina Turner Style Evolution

Way before Beyonce and Lady Gaga took the stage shimmying in barely there ensembles and extravagant wigs, master performer Tina Turner made the act her signature nearly 40 years ago.

What's style got to do with it? No doubt a heck of a lot. And in honor of the Queen of Rock and Roll turning 71 on Friday (and her legs apparently turning 26), we take a look back at Turner's fashionable legacy.

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of feathers, sequins, legs and more hairstyles than there are days in a year.

Meanwhile, check out the style evolution of still-foxy 64-year-old Cher.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Tina Turner’s Classic Goldeneye Theme

Nicole Scherzinger, best known as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, brings her grammy-nominated vocal talents to GoldenEye 007 with her new rendition of Tina Turner’s original “GoldenEye” theme song. The song is featured in the game’s opening credits sequence and has become synonymous with the classic Bond adventure.

Developed exclusively for Wii and DS and based on the GoldenEye film, GoldenEye 007 gives players the chance to use the lethal, gritty style of Daniel Craig’s James Bond to outwit, outmanoeuvre and overtake an arms syndicate that threatens the world in an innovative, modern take on the legendary GoldenEye movie. GoldenEye 007 features an unprecedented lineup of four-player split-screen MP options that encourage social gaming, including 50 total characters, eight classic Bond characters, ten maps, three standard modes and 17 special modifiers that allow gamers to create hundreds of game combinations. GoldenEye 007 also features online multiplayer for up to eight players designed for seasoned FPS online gamers with unique modes and a robust XP system for unlockables and achievements.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tina Turner Finally Launched Her Album

The album of Tina Turner has been finally released in Brazil after a long wait. a delay in anticipation of the arrival of the new DVD + CD of Tina Turner at stores, the material will still be released in the country.

The Brazilian version of this album may not be produced by EMI Music Brazil, as required under the Records from the worldwide launch in October last year. The reason behind the delay of this album is Free Time strong candidate to distribute the work in Brazil and this may have been one of the reasons for such a delay, because it involves bureaucratic issues such as copyright of the product.

The album is finally released in Brazil, so those fans of Tina Turner who isn't aware of this, can buy the album VCD and DVD by the near music stores

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tina Turner too much disappointed on her sister

Famous Singer, Tina Turner newly suffered another misfortune in her life story with the unexpected death of her older sister Alline.

Upon hearing the news of her sister's serious sickness, Tina Turner cancelled her schedule and flew from Europe to California. Tina was able to get there just hours before her sister passed away.

According to insiders,

“Tina Turner had an immense breakdown in the hospital room, but was glad that she made it in time to say a meaningful goodbye.”

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tina Postpones her shows in London & Sheffield.

Tina Turner postpones London and Sheffield shows Singer is ill - but shows will be rescheduled.The star will not be performing at March 11 gig at the London O2 Arena and Thursday's (March 12) show at the Sheffield Arena after contracting respiratory flu.

The London show has been rescheduled to take place on May 3, while the Sheffield date has been switched to May 5. Original tickets will remain valid.

Before falling ill, earlier this month Tina Turner kicked off a stint at the London O2 Arena with a spectacular live set-up, playing a "greatest hits" set.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Tina Turner, Beyonce and Paul McCartney make O2 world's most popular music venue

After starting life as Labour's disastrous Millenium Dome development, the arena has been transformed into a world class music venue which last year sold 2,349,952 tickets, outselling its nearest rivals by 75 per cent.
The venue in Greenwich last year featured stars including Tina Turner, Beyonce and Sir Paul McCartney and hosted the ATP Tour Finals in November.
It narrowly avoided bankruptcy after losing Michael Jackson's 50-night residency when the singer died last June, and has outstripped its 2008 record of 1,806,447 ticket sales by more than 30 per cent.
David Campbell, president and chief executive of AEG Europe, which owns and operates the O2, said: “Events like the ATP Tour Finals at the O2 really did put the eyes of the world on us. London deserves a world-class entertainment destination and we will keep working hard in the next decade to ensure we remain a world leader.”
In second place on the venues chart, compiled by Pollstar, the live music magazine, was the Manchester Evening News Arena with 1,346,090 ticket sales.
Coming third was the Sportpaleis Antwerpen in Belgium with 1,090,407 sales, followed by the Madison Square Garden Arena in New York with 977,868.
The Wembley Arena In London came eighth with 611,096 sales

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tina at Armani show Prive

Veteran pop star Tina Turner may yet call her troupe of dancers out for another world tour, though for the moment she prefers home-cooked dinners and a stress-free life. Sitting in the front row at the Giorgio Armani Prive fashion show in Paris yesterday, the 70-year-old looked radiant in a sparkling black top that revealed ample cleavage, her trademark mass of curls piled up high. “People wanted to see me, so many were holding signs up saying, Thank You,” she said of her 2008 tour, which grossed US$47.7 million (RM162.35 million). “I haven’t made a decision yet,” she told Reuters when asked if she would stage another tour. “I didn’t make a plan for a big tour, with big stadiums. I’m not saying I won’t do it, get the girls out and do something, but I haven’t decided.” Turner has for decades been one of the world’s most successful performers, roaring out hits like “Simply The Best” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It” in stage-stomping, high-octane concerts. At Armani, as models prepared backstage for an haute couture show of sweeping white gowns and folded skirt suits, Turner said she liked simple clothes for everyday wear but still had a passion for racy outfits. “My favourites are short skirts that work for heavy dancing,” she said. “I have a short torso, and it looks better with a short skirt.” And even if another exhausting round of concerts is not imminent, waiting fans may console themselves with the prospect of a new album. “Recording is something that’s always easier than touring. I wouldn’t mind, but nothing’s come my way right now and that’s fine,” Turner said with a smile. Unfazed by the scrum of photographers around her, she said while she loved performing in public, she could see the advantages of a more quiet life.